Sunday, August 13

Top 5 Robot Couples

1. Rosie and Robbie (Heterosexual) Robbie stocked Rosie until she finally gave in to his muscular legs.

2. T-1000 and Venessa (Heterosexual) They were set up by Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher

3. Kit and Optimus Prime (Homosexual) hooked up at the local car show. Rumor has it Optimus was impressed with kits undercarriage.

4. Astroboy and T-X (Heterosexual)- Astroboy could have any women he wants. But he choose T-X because she was hot. umm... thats basically it. He flew around till he saw the hottest robot. and yep. hit that up.

5. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes - they were set up by the American Government to see how much the public would be willing to accept in the realm of ridiculousness. An experiment in acceptance.

You're ridiculous.
You made a gay joke about Optimus. I'm saddened on behalf of Blackwood.
i am also saddened on behalf of blackwood
be happy for the cars not sad
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