Thursday, August 3

Top 5 Exciting Things This Week

1. A plane came here just to drop off a parcel for me. No other reason. It's not even mail day. A UPS package for me.
2. The UPS package was my ticket to Thailand for Oct 4.
3. We are planning a Star Wars themed birthday party for Derryck, my co-worker, at which we have to dress up as a Star Wars character that Sheene and Kris decided suits us. They have decided I'm Yoda.
4. I met Kevin Lowe and can now get in to see him (go upstairs and all that) next time I'm at an Oilers game, home or away.
5. I found out my best friend from high school is pregnant again.

how do you have these magical powers to just go see kevin lowe? and next time you do see him, tell him to start making some good deals!
Mattyrob....shut your face.
Moey...yes, I got your message. That is awesome.
You met Kevin Lowe?
That's awesome.
Can I come to Edmonton with you?
Or maybe I'll visit you in Thailand instead.
I miss you Moe.
hey! what i say? i mean really, what has he done in the off season? Besides lose out on Chris Pronger and Mike Peca, who he traded away Eric Brewer and Mike York for, who are still with the blues and isles...

but anyhoo, he signed rollie, i guess that'll do.

wait, didn't they lose samsonov as well?

but the answer still stands, how did you get these powers to make kevin lowe appear?
Heres some things you should pay attention to:
1) Pronger wanted out, and he got Lupul in the deal who is right on the verge of stardom.
2) Mike Peca is useless outside of the playoffs.
3) Samsonov was a rental player, he was brought in for the stretch run.
4) He signed Rollie, Horcoff, Hemsky, Reasoner, Pisani and Stoll. They are the future of the organization along with guys like Bergeron, Torres, Moreau and Staios. Lowe made the decision to not deal these guys away. As far as losing Brewer and York, Brewer had an awful year, and York wanted out.

So next time make sure you know what you're talking about before you write.
Umm . . .
The Leafs signed Kubina?
Heres some things I do pay attention to:
1) Pronger wanted out, and he got Lupul... who? oh yea, the guy who scored 4 goals in the playoffs. Lets shower him with praise.
2) Mike Peca is useless outside of the playoffs, but he is worth a mike york! Why wouldn't kevin lowe deal him away mid way through the season anyway?
3) Samsonov was a trade deadline player, so was rollie. Samsonov wasn't only good in the playoffs, but for the last month. It would have been smart to keep the guy, he played pretty well with the oilers
4) He signed Rollie, Horcoff, Hemsky, Reasoner, Pisani and Stoll. Good job lowe, you re-signed half your team, just like every other average joe-blow GM. Brewer WAS part of the oilers promising future as well, but they decided Pronger would be a better fit...i mean, Lupul?
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ahhhhh, hmmmmmmmm, all I can add is Go Canucks!!!
anyhoo, I see you deleted your last comment, and I can only remember details about not being able to keep the 80's club and letting big names go, anyhoo, I think you and I are trying to prove to each other a different point.

I'm not saying that Kevin Lowe is doing a bad job, but he definitly hasn't done anything very exciting. He was EXPECTED to re-sign players like hemsky, stoll, horcoff, and so on. If he didn't, then he would have lossed key players, and the entire city would probably want to fire Kevin Lowe. The reason why he has been able to keep these guys is because they are still POTENTIAL super stars... they aren't weights, gretzkys, messiers, or anything like that yet. Sure they will one day become great players, but the things can change. We've seen all over the NHL where the next big guy doesn't live up to expectations and is forever the fourth line guy, when he was suposed to be the guy who has 50 goals. Hopefully that doesn't happen to any of the oilers, because the team they have now is great, and I love the guys like Stoll and Hemsky, but for all we know, they could only get 20 points each this season, or 90.

Kevin Lowe has signed his team back, but the one thing that bugs me is that he hasn't made any IMPROVEMENTS. He hasn't signed and new guys or been getting alot out of trades. Even if Lupol is going to be the greatest player around, he's a forward, he can't do... well nobody can do what Pronger did. I personally think that Lowe would have tried to bring in some extra key guys to help the team out, since they only squeeked into the playoffs at 8th spot.

So from my point of view, Lowe is doing an okay job... just like most of the other GM's. That's just me opinion though, and everybody is allowed their own opinion!

Ahhh... its nice to talk about hockey again..
I'll just highlight some of my points that I deleted, minus the commentary about your ability to check facts.
1) Lowe Got 2 players and 2 very high draft picks for 1 guy. You will be hard pressed to find a GM that ca do that.
2) Joffrey Lupul had 11 points in the playoffs in 16 games, with 9 goals making him the Ducks leading goal scorer in the 05-06 playoffs. He also finished 4th in team scoring in the regular season.
3)Keeping players isn't easy, especially when they ALL want nice pay raises following a run at the cup. Lowe got them signed in multi-year deals, but also had to pay the price for them.
3) For not making big deals, you need to look at the cap. Sure the cap this year is around 45 mill, and the Oilers are currently at 31.2 mill (which will change upward by the time arbitration is done). The problem is that Edmonton is still a small market team and they still need to make money. Why brng in a big name that will cost you 4-6 mill a season, when later on in the season you can get some role players like Samsonov, Spacek and Tarnstrom for quite a bt cheaper. And yes, Samsonov is a role player good on offense, horribly, horrible on defense.
4) My last point is that Brewer was good, I liked him, but he was never an elite defenseman. He sure wasn't the future of the organization.
Dan, I miss you too....1 month until I'm back in civilisation.
mattyrob, I do not reveal the source of my magic to anyone.
well, as true as that is, he still has failed to impress me... anyhoo, that's just my opinion, nothing personal towards the oilers. I guess we'll just have to see what happens this season!

Anyhoo, question STILL STANDS! How, oh how do you make Kevin Lowe appear!
why are these comments about freaking hockey offseason? seriously... can't you have your little arguement somewhere else?
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