Thursday, August 10

Top 5 Things TV doesn't Like about Reality

1. Not enough pretty people
2. Not enough cars explode
3. Animals NEVER talk
4. There's no music when people have dramatic moments
5. Time isn't measured in 30 minute increments

This hour has 22 minutes
Parots talk, and the occasional cat and ape
this is quite the clever stop 5

i nominate it for "stop five's top five".

for real.
That was hilarious.

Although in response to #1 I say, there are FAR TOO MANY pretty people. If there were no pretty people, we wouldn't know any better, and everyone would be pretty. So I guess actually, there should be no pretty people or all pretty people, which basically boils down to the same thing.
Bryan, I'll give you the parrot and the ape, but where have you ever seen a cat talk?
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