Sunday, August 13

Top 5 Favourite Guest Appearances on an Album:

1. Flea and Dave Navarro on Jagged Little Pill.
2. Rob Thomas on the song "Smooth." Kang can argue he is destroying music, but he was solid here.
3. Dido on the song "Stan."
4. Jay-Z on the song "Crazy in Love." I'm a sucker for power pop.
5. Aerosmith on Run DMC's cover of "Walk This Way."

Josh, I can say with complete honesty that your taste in music continually surprises me. When I think Otto, "power pop" never follows. You are always full of surprises.
you forgot, chad krueger, on like, every other rock band you listen too ;)
Hey, this Kroeger mocking free zone Zenon. I will not listen to anyone maligning my main man Kroeger.
I must remark that I am the one who believes Rob Thomas is killing rock and roll. I can make no comments for mt. Kang (not a mispelling).
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