Sunday, August 13

Top 5 Screen Dickweeds

1. Johnny Lawrence of the Cobra Kei (Karate Kid): I would crane kick this guy everyday of my life if I could.
2. Rooney (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off): I would give him a high kick to the face continuously for atleast 5 days. Than I would sick my Rottwhiler on him
3. Biff (Back the the Future 1 and 2): I would poor manure on every car he ever owns if I could. The consistency would be amazing.
4. Bill Lumberg (Office Space) umm... k... I would post a Send a TPS report up his ass.
5. Zackery Lodge (Wedding Crashers) For the dude, who really represents everything I hate that girls oddly find attractive, I would prescribe braces for him to where for the rest of his life... haha

Notable exceptions: O’DOYLE of the O’doyle rules fame, Shooter Macgavin, Robby (joe dirt)

i'm with ya on #5
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