Sunday, January 20

Top Five Books I Read Last Year

1. Ishmael - Reading this book was a great time for me. I loved the calm style of teaching, and I hoped it would rub off on me.
2. The Alchemist - Again it was a book about learning and understanding. I think I love alagorys.
3. The Story of B - Sequel to Ishmael. Interesting to read another story with some of the same teachings as Ishmael but from an opposite vantage point. POV in ishmael = eager learner. POV in B = Eager skeptic.
4. The Time Traveler's Wife - Fun Fiction. I read it while watching the heroes Series, so time travel was fresh in my mind. I love the idea of time travel unable to affect fate. Very beautiful idea and notion. The God Eye concept of Donnie Darko kindof fleshed out, but without the chance to change anything.
5. = With a Bullet = Race Against Time - I like Stephen Lewis' speaking style.

I read - Siddhartha, The End of Poverty, The gryphon and Sabine books as well. They were close to making the list. Except Siddhartha - the ending was too abrupt for my liking.

Feel free to make your own of this list.

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