Saturday, January 19

Top Five Gun Movies

My wife giggled/rolled her eyes at the notion of this list, as guns are not fonded in our house. They probably wont get into the hands of our children unless/when they make them out of those big lego blocks or sticks.

1. Desperado. Antonio Bandaras shines as he pulls guns out of a guitar case, his sleeves and his hair. Favorite scene: The bar destruction.
2. Shoot Em Up. Clive Owen Dusts dozens of Bad guys. The whole movie is really just one long gun fight. Its rediculous really, but it is unashamed in its decision to be this, so yeah, I give it props. Favorite scene: the one with Monica Bellucci where they ummm... yeah, while he spins and shoots like a 10 guys. Crazy, this is why the girls love that crazy eyed clive.
3. Equilibrium. Christian Bale acts as a gun martial artist. The movie was very cold to watch, as most of the citizens were devoid of emotion, but the gun play and notion that one could predict the angle of gun shots and response is kind of clever. Favorite scene: all of the ones where Bale is surrounded by like 8 guys and methodically takes them out while they try like the dickens to shoot him.
4. Hot Fuzz. Simon Pegg wrote this movie for one reason, to show off his gun skills. Favorite scene: When the Priest pulls the guns out of his robe.
5. == With a Bullet == Terminator 2. Arnold's best movie - What I love about it, is how indestructable arnold seemed as the terminator, until t2000 shows up and we spend the rest of the movie wondering how they are gonna survive. The Gatling gun was good, but my favorite scene is the shot gun on the motor cycle. Awesome.

Honorable Mentions: Unforgiven, Red Dawn, Return of the Jedi.

I love Clive. and his crazy eyes.
what about "hard boiled" and... "no country for old men?"
I haven't seen hard boiled. No country for old men was stylish, but I hated the feeling of being around the villain so much that I am sure I wont watch it again. Thus yeah, not a favorite and not on the list.
I always thought the Matrix was a pretty good gun movie. Anybody?
I was just thinking that myself Donkers.
seen Equilibrium, loved it

got shootem up on my shelf, can't wait!
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