Monday, January 21

Top 5 Movie Deaths (far from comprehensive)

1. Marvin - Pulp Fiction: Sure it was a little gory, but the shock value alone makes this one part of the list. No one saw it coming. "Aw man! I shot Marvin in the face."
2. Alien - Oh my gosh, the thing climbed out of his chest!!!
3. Apocalypse Now - Kurtz, "The horror. The horror."
4. Day of the Dead - The army guy that is pulled apart at the waist while he yells, "Choke on 'em." I only wish those could be my last words if Zombies were pulling me apart.
5. Born to Fight - Guy gets blown to smithereens with a rocket launcher shot. (This movie is awful. Until you watch the credits. Then this movie blows your mind.)

Honorable Mention: The heroic death of Optimus Prime in the cartoon Transformers movie.

I like this list automatically because of Optimus Prime. Also it is good.
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