Monday, January 28

Top 5 Technologies That I am Blown Away By the Price Drop Lately

1. Flat Screen TVs... wow, can you believe how cheep these things are. I wonder how cheap the organic LCDs will be in a year. I say 3 grand.
2. Any kind of electronic Memory - Camera, Ram, Hard drives in particular
3. GPS - What a crazy cool gizmo, I really want one. I wonder which I should get, I want one for driving/camping.
4. Solar Panels
5. Cell Phones - They just give the best ones from 2 years ago away for free. I will get an Iphone in 2009, based on this theory.

Or, if you're better with wood and electricity by then, you could widdle yourself a new phone, a new LCD TV, or perhaps even solar panels (though that might require more biology know-how).
according to your theory, you should have at least a free blackberry by now.
My brother got a free blackberry for renewing his Telus plan, so perhaps Bryan is right.
your brother got a free blackberry for making out with the telus girl! he only told you that it was "free" cause your brother considers his love free as well!
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