Monday, January 21

My picks for top 5 movie deaths

1. Leo DiCaprio in "The Departed" (who the crap saw that coming???)
2. James Caviezel in "The Thin Red Line" (I never thought a death scene could be hauntingly beautiful, and the love in James Caviezel's eyes is mesmorizing)
3. Any death scene in "No Country for Old Men" but particularly (the deputy being strangled by handcuffs - so freaking disturbing, as well as all the other scenes!!!)
4. ET - What a heart wrenching scene!!! movie magic!
5. Seven - Kevin Spacey... What a freaking psychopath! That last scene is haunting to say the least.

ET is dead?!
well, he has a resurrection experience,

but he DOES die!
Does he really die? How can you be so sure? Were you there? Did you see him expire like a carton of milk?
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