Thursday, January 24

Top Five Things Your Kitchen Should Have right NOW

1. Juicer - who knew it would be so easy to eat 4 carrots a bunch of ginger, a beat and an apple.
2. Great Vegetable/butcher knife - I think it is essential. Makes you feel like the shit chef too.=
3. Sweet wooden Spatulas - I don't know why I love them, but I do.
4. Jars - the old school jars. Glass over plastic should have won out years ago in the keeping-food-inside-of market years ago.
5. Things that are alive - We have sprouts growing and lots of plants. hopefully I will someday have more vegetables/herbs growing live for my eating pleasure.

Should is a fun word eh. Its the easiest way to give orders I think, though it is passive aggressive. Which I think is my worst favorite kind of communication. Gah, change the title to Could instead of should right now, and forget I ever used that fiendish word. Thanks

Happy kitchening.

um bryan... i for one never want to feel like a "shit chef" let alone eat anything made by a shit chef!
All righhhhht. Juicing is awesome, and makes you feel like you are superman. Also big dicing knives are awesome, and make you feel like a are a guy with a pretty terrific knife.
I gots a pirate butcher knife - I'm quite pleased with it...definetely a must have
I, too, enjoy juicing, although the cleanup is like the valley after a mountaintop experience. Also, I'm going to have to second rivers' comment about shit chefs. I heard a rumor about a shit chef at Earl's a couple years back, where the patron contracted hepatitis as a result of the shit chef's trademark ingredient. In hindsight, the story was most likely an urban legend, but its memory still haunts me.
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