Wednesday, January 23

Top Five Things I Will Purchase Soon

1. Leopard - I know I should, but like has anyone else got it yet? How good is it? Do you like it? what about drivers? etc.
2. Flooring for Eddie - We are putting in wooden laminate flooring, it will look mint I think... and should be easy to clean. Who knows really, but thats the plan.
3. Hiking boots - I will be hiking the West Coast Trail this year... if anyone is interested... but yeah I need good boots, and my freakn keens are falling apart. Danny what are the best boots to buy, note: I hate that these ones are falling apart.
4. Wool mattress Cover. We really want to get an Organic natural rubber bed, but like, do I want to spend 2000 dollars. Maybe, but maybe wool will be good for now. What do you think Mellissa, what should I do.
5. Cowboy hat - its been a long time coming, but man I want a good one so bad.

So there you have it. What do you want? maybe someone wants to make a trade eh?

i have also been considering getting an organic wool mattress topper. i would love to get an organic rubber bed, but they are a bit steep.

honestly though, if you have a decent bed and just want to upgrade, a wool mattress topper is probably plenty. if your mattress is fine and you don't even need an upgrade, the most environmental choice is to reduce and not buy anything.

if you do get either the pad or a mattress, there are bc and canadian companies that make good ones, from what i understand.

hiking boots are total personal preference.

i bought some garmonts, and they are incredible, and they have the classic european/italian hiking boot look, which i like better than the more "americanized" ones.

but yeah,

you gotta try on several and just got with what feels the best at your budgeted price range.

it worked well that the garmonts, were a style that i liked, and fit really nicely.
I thought you wanted a real Leopard. I thought that was pretty cool.

Turns out you're talking about a computer program. Not as cool.
As for cowboy hats, I recommend the Stetson. You just can't go wrong with a Stetson.
I use Leopard on my work computer. I like it good enough so far. I probably don't use it to the most of its capacity... but I think it's good. Except that it randomly shuts down programs I am working on. I don't know much about drivers either.
I'm a pretty good driver.
When you buy Leopard, it comes with an optional real Leopard. Where they really get you though is with all the extras you have to buy: a Leopard cage, Leopard cat litter, Leopard toys, Leopard food and such. Although if you like the idea of raising rabbits in your backyard, you can really cut down on the Leopard food bill, as rabbits reproduce in copious amounts and are quite tasty to Leopards.
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