Tuesday, January 22

Top Five Movies I Know I Need To See Before the Oscars

though they may be cancelled.

1. SWEENEY TODD THE DEMON BARBER OF FLEET STREET (4 nominations: Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role; Performance Worthy of Hell and Heaven; Achievement in Art Direction; Achievement in Costume Design)
2. THERE WILL BE BLOOD (10 nominations: Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role; Achievement in Art Direction; Performance Worthy of Hell and Heaven; Most Powerful Threat in Movie Title; Achievement in Cinematography; Achievement in Directing; Achievement in Film Editing; Best Motion Picture of the Year; Achievement in Sound Editing; Adapted Screenplay)
3. THE ASSASSINATION OF JESSE JAMES (3 Nominations: Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role; Best Use of Brad Pitt in a Film; Achievement in Cinematography)
4. INTO THE WILD (3 Nominations: Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role; Best Use of Bryan Dubien in a Film; Achievement in Film Editing)
5. LARS AND THE REAL GIRL (2 Nominations: Original Screenplay; Original Use of Plastic)

What do you think the chances of this years awards happening Moey?

Best threat in a movie title! Brilliant!
Those are hilarious -- "Original Use of Plastic"! Haha.

Have you seen The Diving Bell and the Butterfly yet? If not, you should also see that before the Oscars. Not that the Oscars should dictate what you watch or don't (I'll resist the impulse to rant), but I mean, if you're making a list, that one should also be on it. It's amazing.

And if you did, the nomination might read: "Best Use of An Eye."
the chances are good. very good.

the Academy has some crazy big muscles. and the Academy president started talking to the writers 2 weeks before the globes were canceled. and the SAG awards are going on, red carpet and all. and the Academy has stated they have a back up plan in case the writers don't support it and stars don't show. the award show will go on, they say.
so I watched the assasination. It was okay. Brad was good and troubled. But overall it was kind of boring. I like slow strong movies. But this one just wore on.

And that is that.
I saw Sweeney Todd. What a tragedy. I was expecting gore and humor and well... a bit of art, but wow... tragedy. Sad movie.
Bryan, I appreciate the insight into The Assassination of Jesse James. You have just saved me both time AND money, which is more than any young guy could ask for.
some young guy: its still worth watching for the Brad

so... I watched Into the Wild. Definately a new fav. Though did anyone else find the movie kinda fractured... like how did he ever meet vince Vaugn. It was kinda like if your showing a man in miami then suddenly in New York, without a picture of a jet in flight. Just a though... though... I would like to say that he shoulda got an oscar nomination. I think his performance was stronger than both George's and Johnny's. it seems like Daniel is gonna get the award anyway... I am glad viggo and tommy got nods but like the other two are mainstays... and it would have been nice to recognize a new face, and he was great. Also doesn't nudity usually get you in with the academy ala Halle.

anyway... peace out.
Did Halle win an Oscar for Swordfish?
I watched lars and te real girl. SUCH A GOOD MOVIE!!!!
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