Friday, January 4

Top 5 New Years Resolutions

1 Lose weight . . . Then find it. Then tell it never to scare me like that again.

2. Intend to write a book. Although publishers don't give contracts for intentions. But maybe good intentions?

3. Listen to more music . . . than Dan Kang. And repeatedly inform him that I have done so. In top 5 form.

4. Write more top 5's. The great Top 5 Revival is coming! It's coming soon! REPENT!

5. Invent a cereal. I will call it "Steak Bran." Where else can you get Fiber AND Protein? I ask you, WHERE?

PS. Happy new year to all of you my friends. I haven't gotten on to the factbook to grett you all in person, so here is my generic nw yrs wish for you awl.

Nicely put mr. Donkers. Also, read the Rocket's blog more often! I just put a new one up today.
i'm gonna say that number 3 is impossible.
"nw yrs wish for you awl"

-please please please never never never type that again. awl instead of all. shudder.
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