Friday, June 30

Top 5 Moments Of Our Vacation

1. Camping at Two Jacks Lakeside just outside of Banff. This campsite is so beautiful. We all need to do a friends camp trip in Banff sometime soon.

2. Hiking up Sulfur Mountain. The hike was grueling, but the view was amazing.

3. Swimming in the Cascade Ponds. It was just really incredible to be swimming in this pond that is surrounded by four mountains.

4. Being in the freaking front row at a sold out Wilco show. I have to say, this goes down as all time best concert I've ever been to.

5. =With a Freaking Bullet=
Waiting an hour and a half, in the middle of the afternoon for the off chance that we might meet Jeff Tweedy. Guess what? We met the whole band!!! And!!!! Sara-Lynn took a picture of me and Jeff Tweedy!

why didn't you post the picture????

now you don't have any excuse not to.
I took the picture with film.
When i have access to a scanner, i will get the photo scanned.

until then, you can come to kelowna and see the picture if you want to see it that badly.
ok i'm on the wa---what? kelowna?!

your lack of passion is very unbecoming...i shall have to beat you.
i hate rivers kang ... tweedy is my boyfriend
ach! I was just in the Okanagan! curse my only occasional checkup of this site!!! I coulda seen it--you, I mean. damn.

i love camping.
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