Tuesday, June 13

Top 5 Topics Of Conversation So Far At Blind Channel

1. Boats. And I just don't know what to say.
2. Tides. Charts for tides, slack tides, etc. Again, I have no knowledge to lend anything useful to a conversation yet.
3. Get to know you stuff. There are only 5 of us here right now that work here, but most things we talk about are 'getting to know each other' type things.
4. The tourist clothes. Not, that is, the clothes the tourists are wearing, but the "Blind Channel Resort" clothes that I have been up to my neck in for 3 days, pricing and displaying. I talk to my bosses about them, I talk to the guests about them.
5. Bears. Apparently we have bears this year, which is different than most years. Must have swam here from another close by island.

I've heard that you can get the same experience as owning a boat by standing in a cold shower with all your clothes on and ripping up money.
Except when you own a boat you can go places. And be warm. The money part is pretty true though. Moey, here's two tidbits you can use.

1. There are two types of vacation boats: motor and sail. So you can ask them what kind of boat they have.

2. Boats are measured in feet. So you can ask how big the boat is, and when they give an arbitrary number, you'll know it's in feet.

So a conversation would go something like this:

Moey: Hello, how are you?
Tourist: Oh good, my family and I are just cruising the sound for a week or so. [Now the sound would be Desolation Sound] Do you have any tide charts?
Moey: Yeah, they're over there. So, are you a motor or a sailing family?
Tourist: We're a motoring family. My wife doesn't have the patience for sailing.
Moey: Haha, I hear that. Me neither. Me neither. How big is your boat?
Tourist: It's a Bayliner 38.
Moey: (Low whistle) Sounds nice. Lot's of room for the little ones.
Tourist: Yeah, it's good. I'm looking at some 45 footers right now. Need a little more space.
Moey: Don't we all . . .

There you are Moe. A perfect conversation starter.
thanks dan, i'll try that...
Bears? "I'd be more afarid of cyottes if I were yurr" Old Prospector.
I think its a good bet to be a good listener outside of what one actually knows.
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