Friday, June 16

Top 5 Things I miss about watching cheesy movies with our friends

1. Holly-anne's sarcastic remarks.
2. Andrew's explanations of logical or illogical events.
3. Dan Donkers' rising excitement as the climax approaches (as seen by his leg shaking more and more...hehe, love ya dan)
4. Rob trying to convince everyone of the redeeming qualities of the movie.
5. Moey sitting next to me and giggling along with me at every cheesy the extent that everyone else is like, "what are they laughing at?"

I miss you guys!

i miss you guys, too
i'm never sarcastic
I only watch awesome movies.
right, like "ghost dog, the way of the samurai"!?!? awesome!
you only watch awesome movies Rob. can i remind every one of "GHOST DOG". the movie that was selected because it had the word ghost in it. honestly who goes into a movie store looking for a movie that either has a holographic cover or the word GHOST in the title? i miss you gues
can i remind you that EVERYONE fell asleep or stopped watching that movie except for rob and i. AND, he had already seen it once before. the only reason i stayed watching is because i thought it had to get better...and i was sadly mistaken.
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