Friday, June 23

Top Five Things Bono May Be Looking For

5. His Dog. When you lose your dog you better keep looking for it.
4. The TV remote. "if you dont have it, how are you to change the channel" - Larry McQuoid
3. Wallet. its worth looking for. but i often give up.
2. Wedding ring. i learned if you lose this YOUR SCREWED!... "why was it off in the first place" - Angry Wife

- But i still haven't found what i'm looking for...

Bono is Dreamy...

two thumbs up
bono's head is literally too large for his own body. Just look at the size of his freaking head!
look who's talking, Kang...
You're weird, Kweller. Way weird.
I love Bono. I'd be gay if he was gay.

Plus he's short. I'm all about being short.

**Quietly Weeps**
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