Tuesday, June 6

Top 5 Reasons the video store down the road is awesome - not lame...awesome!

1. It's called "Take 2 Video." Get it? Take two, like as if you were shooting a movie...and renting two movies at the same time, get it? (that was for you donkers)
2. It's right down the block and next to 7-11. Snacks and movies go hand in hand.
3. The owners are slightly crazy and eccentric. They do weird things like post all the posters in the windows updside down, or draw glasses with huge noses on all the movie stars in the posters. Some say it's creepy, I say it's entertaining.
4. They have cheap movie rentals - 3 movies, 3 days, $5.00; new releases for $3.50 or something ridiculously cheap (mind you, the selection is pretty few and far between)
5. It's the only movie store I've ever seen lately that has more selection of VHS than DVD. Actually, I think the video game selection may be more than the new releases altogether. I found that to be quite funny.

Just goes to show that any old joe blo can make a living opening a movie store...however at the same time, I don't think I'll make that my rental store of choice, unless of course I'm sick and want to stock up on all 3 home alone movies to watch on an old vcr!

flying the Canadian flag upside down = insulting
upside down Cross = mockery and rejection of Jesus
hanging movie posters upside down = hating movies

why would you open a video store if you hate movies? that just doesn't make sense....
must be a cult symbol or something...
sheer genius moey, sheer geniur.
upside down cross = originally it was believed peter was crucified upside down because he didn't think himself worthy to die the same way as jesus, and the romans went along with it since they figured it would be a worse way to die. THus the upside down cross was actually a symbol of St.Peter until about the late 60's when black sabbath took it as there own 'satanic' symbol.

now the real question is... is that true or did i just make it up?
I have heard the same. It is the traditional belief regarding the death of St. Peter. It can be found in Foxes book of marytrs.
yeah but i totally made that bit about black sabbath up... i think...
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