Saturday, June 24

Top Five Things Bono Accidentally Found...

5. His Hair Cut.
4. Tight Pants.
3. Shirts With Sequence.
2. A Tree That Belonged To Joshua.
1. My Heart.

PS> on a way different note, You know the Pepsi Commercial with guy and girl dancing on the stree and on the cab... does any one else think of Conci when they see the guy!?

Sequins, maybe...
i gotta say, i haven't seen the tight pants yet, and thank god
mostly I think the guy looks like Jimmy Fallon
all that i can ever think about is how the roof of that cab takes all that punshment. there's 300lb of people on there!
Jimmy Fallon is dreamy...
oh, and I would like Bono to return that tree. Unless he is one of those finder's keeper's type of people, in which case it is on. On like donkey kong.
Donkey Kong is's too hot...
I totally look like Jimmy Fallon! I'm dreamy too!
Rob is dreamy...
ive definantly have had more then 300 poulds of people on top of my car! Rob is dreamy.. WHEN IS THE KD COOK OFF> SEPTEMBER!
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