Friday, June 23

Top5 Moments of my 21-Hour Sleep-a-thon

5. The seventh time I rolled over. After that my rolls turned into carefully calculated side-vaults.
4. The time somebody called me on my phone and I answered and had some sort of conversation but can't remember anything about it because I was mostly sleeping.
3. That period of the elongated sleep-cycle I you know I'm dreaming and just sit back and enjoy the show.
2. That first few minutes of slowly drifting off into the unknown. So relaxing, nothing beats it but...
1. Waking up after 21-hours of unconsciousness to use the washroom and then climbing back into bed because I had nothing to do today.

Gosh, I feel sleepy again.

im so jelous... my hero.
I want to have a 21hr sleep a thon. I am exhusted enough.
sleep is lame
i'd rather ....
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