Friday, June 16

Top 5 Things I HATE in Movies

1. Sports movies with the underdog rising to the top. I can't handle it!
2. Talking animal movies. These are my absolute least favorite of all.
3. Thriller/suspense movies. Not all of these...I can handle ones such as "Signs", but something like "Flightplan" actually makes me cry.
4. Teen girl movies with Lindsay Lohan or anyone like her.
5. Heartwarming family movies involving animals, or sports teams, or new siblings, or whatever. I might be insensitive, but let me tell you I've tried again and again to enjoy such movies, and they just make me want to tear out my hair or something. I'm sorry!

talking animal movies make me CRAZY....
grrr....and when pets are dressed up...
anything like that, really....CRAZY!!!!
i forgot about robots. i'll take lindsay lohan any day over a movie about robots. i think you'll agree moey. i hate robots!
Slynn, I love everything that you hate about movies. The only way to make a movie awesome would be to have Lindsay Lohan play a robot who turns into a talking dog that plays basketball for a down and out team, but through her help as a robot turned talking dog, they win the big game. That woud be, dare I say it, scrumtralescent.
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