Thursday, June 22

Top 5 Bear Stories I've heard so far this week

1. Cassie in Prince George: "I was walking on my own one night, and I saw this bear along the path. I walked by it really quietly and ran home."
2. Chelsea's Dad: "Yeah this guy got attacked by a bear a while ago. He and his friend were in the woods. The friend climbed a tree and got away in time. This guy got attacked and eaten alive, and there was nothing his friend could do about it."
3. Pastor George from Tumbler Ridge: "Yeah there was this bear in our house. It actually climbed the stairs and went into our living room. My wife was screaming and our neighbour heard her. He came in with a shotgun and killed it. There was blood and hair all over our carpet."
4. Pastor George again: "The Mounties trapped this bear outside of my house, and I didn't know it was there. I walked outside in my housecoat and found myself face to face with the trapped bear's mother. I ran like a madman, while the cops were in their car laughing their heads off."
5. Us in the Van: "What's that crossing the road? HOLY CRAP IT'S A BEAR!!"

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