Monday, February 11

Top 5 Things I Will Do as the Second Pregnant Man Ever

1. Start a rebellion, somewhere people are in trouble and they need a leader, and those people probably want to follow someone who is actually 2 people.
2. Paint wonderful portraits on my belly of Dan Kang, Brad Pitt, Einstein, Rollie Fingers, Batman, the child like Empress, Robbie Alomar, Mother Terressa, Feist, Salvador Dali, Mozart, Led Zepplin, Curt Cobain, Jolie Holland, John Coltrain, John Lennon, My Dad, Zoe's Mom, My Mom ummm... this is gonna go on for awhile to be continued, maybe I will just paint landscapes instead.
3. Swin Naked (I am interested in the bouyancy of this belly)
4. Full body caste - I am thinking we could reproduce these naked sculptures for peoples dining rooms or gardens, perhaps a manaquen in a store. Who knows really, but its a body shape that is bound to be worth millions.
5. A Cesarean - not really the healthiest or safest or naturalist, but honestly not sure I should go for the alternate.

I've been trying to make the portrait belly list my entire life!!!!!

my dreams have come true.
WEird. Just Weird.
so yeah, Zoe is actually pregnant. !!!! we are pretty stoked the baby could come around september.
Congratulations man! That's awesome!
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