Wednesday, February 20

Top 5 Names for my Impending Podcast

1. Donkerville
2. Dan and Friends
3. HM's finest
4. My opinions are superior (and wittier)
5. The Rocket's Moon Rider

Oops, I guess I just confessed that I'm the Rocket. I figure most of you guessed that already. So I've been reading this book called The World is Flat. I definitely recommend it to anyone. It's half of my inspiration for a podcast. The other is the Relevant Podcast, which Otto told me about on the weekend. You're right man. It's great! I love the american gladiators part on their most recent one.


Secret identities must remain secret! Can you imagine if Batman admitted he was Bruce Wayne (or in this case, Bruce Wayne admitted he was Batman)?

Neither can I.

I'm devastated.
Kyle's right. Secret identities are secret. Therefore the Rocket could never knowingly reveal his real identity. Therefore Dan cannot be the Rocket. Problem solved. Crisis averted. Dan is a liar.
Fair enough, I am a liar. Well played Rob. Well played . . .
Thank you. Now all is right with my life once more.

(Except for the social, emotional, and physical deformities that still plague me, I mean.)

P.S. I vote for #5.
That Dan Donkers is a Bastard! He doesn't even know who his real father is!

The Rocket Rides again!!!!!
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