Monday, February 4

Top 5 Questions I Have For the World

1. Did you really need to start a barber shop called Sweeney Todd's downtown Victoria, with a bunch of Goth Chicks cutting hair?
2. Could Janet Drummond really get Aids when a bullet passed through her infected son and into her?
3. Could Avocados be a decent long term replacement for sour cream on Perogies, in the Vegan world?
4. Why is it the trend of civilized culture, to breast feed children till 6 months and potty train at three years, while the rest of the world breast feeds till 3 years and potty trains at 6 months?
5. Who is most powerful in the world? a) The president of the United States, b) The Dalai Lama, c) Eli Manning, d) You or e) Me

Eli Manning. No doubt about it. Together, he and Payton are probably the most powerful team in the universe,
are you kidding? if bry asked the world who is the most powerful in the world, the world would say the world is. no question. and rightly so. the world has taken so much from people, it's about time it stand up for itself...
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