Sunday, February 10

Top 5 movies I want to watch by February 24

1. Atonement - I can't really make an informed decision on some major Oscar categories until I watch this one. But I can't seem to want to watch it. I will watch it though. Mark my words.
2. Elizabeth: The Golden Age - Why haven't I watched this yet? Absurd!
3. Persepolis - It looks so interesting!
4. The Diving Bell and The Butterfly - Sometimes I really miss living in Vancouver. This time of year I miss Fifth Ave Cinema's and Tinseltown, among others.
5. The Savages - Actually playing in Kelowna right now. I will go this week.

Honorable mentions: Away From Her (almost made the list), Lars and the Real Girl (I love Ryan Gosling), I'm Not There

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly really is worth going to see. I loved it.

Not that my loving it makes it worth seeing. I love a lot of things that are probably fairly worthless. But in this case my love and the movies' worth coincided. It's rare, but it happens. Seriously.
The problem lies in the going to see. Stupid Kelowna.

It made the list based largely on your previous recommendation. Apparently I trust that a movie will be good when you say you love it. Do not abuse this power, The Stewart.

Bryan abused it once. I still find it difficult to take his movie recommendations (for the record, I HATED The Rundown)
haha, I just wanted you to go see it. come on it was fun.
Bryan has a point, the Rock does make fun movies. Oscar worthy? No. Fun? Yes.
grating and irritating...i don't find that fun...

and Bry, you know I love you...even if you convinced me to watch The Rundown

for the record, Bryan did not tell me it was fun to watch, but 'good'

Didn't he also convince all of you to watch Hidalgo? I'm seeing a precedent here.
I have never seen Hidalgo. That will not change. I do not love Viggo (or horses).
I'm with Moey (on that last comment, that is)
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