Sunday, February 24

Top 5 Oscar Moments

I only watched half of it, but I just wanted to beat you all to writing about it. I expect a full write-up from more prominent movie going members shortly.

1. Jon Stewart - "What do we do during these commercial breaks? Well mostly we just, you know, sit around, making catty remarks to eachother about the outfits you're all wearing at home!"

2. The writer for Juno. She's one bag of crazy! I hope she makes more movies.

3. Cameron Diaz's dress. Tara's dad actually pointed out that she had these little bulbs of fat coming out under her arms. Tara says that means her dress is too tight. She also thought it to be worthy of a "Top 5 Oscar Moments" mention. Meh.

4. Those Coen brothers sure looked like they expected to win best director. Maybe they were just disappointed about having to share it. Or perhaps they thought that by accepting the award from Scorcese they would take on his recently broken curse. Which doesn't make much sense since they were winning the award at that moment. But some people just aren't that logical.

5. When the Irish people won for that song. They were so happy and they had cool accents. And then the girl got cut off by music. How ironic. The one thing that won her an award actually prevented her from thanking anyone for it. Good to see Jonny S. swoop in and save the day.

Marketa Irglova is Czech, not Irish. But yeah, Jon Stewart is a class act. And her acceptance speech was beautiful.
See? That's why you need to post a Top 5 Oscars moments!
mmmm, Glen Hansard...
Just a note for those here that may be interested, I have addressed Dan's "confession" in my blog at

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