Tuesday, February 5

Top 5 Things I'm Thinking about these Days

1. What's with this whole "generation" thing in the church? I'm really tired of being told my generation has to change the world for God. I think we're really only part of the solution. I hate the idea that we somehow have to leave our parents' and grandparents' generations behind because they "missed out" somehow. That kind of thinking brought us the 60's.

2. Will the things I write on the internet now come back to haunt me in 5 years?

3. I wonder if these students, our future leaders, understand how difficult leadership really is. I wouldn't trade it for anything, but I don't think I would have ever asked for it. I'm a little leary of people who really want to lead. Those people could never beome the Pope. Popes have to not want to be Pope. Imagine if Presidential elections worked like that. . .

4. I love being a speaker, but will I ever need to have one of those ridiculous bios, and my own website and stuff? I hope not. Those things are kind of ridiculous. Perhaps necessary, but ridiculous. If I ever have to write one I may punch myself in the gut every time I read it. If anyone wants to write a bio for me, feel free. One to two paragraphs max. I nominate either Dan Kang or Kyle Stewart. Anyone else is free to try though.

5. Why are so many churches trying to be so much more than they really are? Is there a better way?

I may have accidentally already started you a nerdy bio website. I had to do something for my Com 150 class and my cousin was at youth convention and talked about how you were funny... sometimes. So then I thought, oh my goodness! he totally needs a geeky christian website. I may have also mentioned your deep love of startrek, your intimate knowledge of klingon and your litter of chihauhau s. Hmmm, this is slightly awkward....
you cousin must have mentioned how i was funny.... ALL THE TIME!

Kang strikes again!
your cousin that is.
Dan it Kang, you always get the glory. And I'm left holding the goat. Literally.
Hey. I think your website address could be http://www.holdingthegoat.com.

We should check the availability.
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