Monday, February 11

Top 5 Observations Regarding Last Night's Grammatical (I assume that's the long form of Grammy) Awards

1. If any man in the USA knows how to put on a show, it's Kanye West. Did anyone see that crazy 80's holographic looking DJ booth? Bryan I'm looking in your direction here. It was awesome.

2. Amy Winehouse is freakin' messed up. I mean, I'm sure she's a great songwriter, but she was a walking disaster. And the Grammys definitely gave the US government a slap in the face by linking live by satellite to London to make sure she could perform. Is there anything satellites can't do?

3. That Gospel choir singing "Let it Be" was incredible.

4. Beyonce loves her legs more than she could ever love any man.

5. Alicia keys is a great singer, and John Mayer is her friend. Fergie is not a great singer, and I don't know how she got John Legend to play for her.

Honourable mention: Man that Feist sure has a lot of poise. Flawless acoustic performance of a rearranged "1234" with some kind of chamber orchestra in the background.

i watched the red carpet...John Legend wrote that song he played with Fergie.

The 'Let It Be' was also in Across The Universe, which is a beautiful movie

Kanya West is so entertaining...
Did anyone see the John Fogerty, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard trio? I'm pretty sure Jerry Lee Lewis wasn't really aware of anything that was happening. Also, I think Little Richard is a robot, did anyone notice he hasn't changed in appearance at all in the last 15 years?
Those crazy 80s holographic DJs were Daft Punk. Yo.
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