Thursday, February 7

Top 5 Wikipedia Articles of this Week as Read by Me

1. The Curse of Tippecanoe. This is the legend that every American president elected on a year ending in zero will die in office. It happened for like 140 years or so, until Ronald Reagan presumably broke it.

2. Gerrymandering. In some countries (like the USA), elected officials get to shift the borders of constituencies before an upcoming election. It's a weird system. Look it up.

3. Oral Roberts. Quite an interesting life, and his university is in quite the situation right now.

4. Superbowl XLII. In my opinion the best and most historic superbowl of my lifetime. Lots of interesting factoids about it on Wikipedia.

5. Carpetbagger. Yes, that word exists, and it refers to a very specific type of person. Go find out who!

Honourable mention: William Jennings Bryan/Free Silver. Jennings Bryan may have actually been the first of the hobos.

Didn't Reagan die in 2004? If I recall correctly, George W Bush was the president at that time.
Reagan didn't die in office, but he was lected in a year that ended in zero, thus breaking the curse)
Also, any future president born on 06/06/06 is Satan incarnate. He will surely be cursed.
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