Thursday, February 14

Top 5 Reasons Why Bryan Will Make A Great Dad

5. He can grow a fatherly beard. If history has taught us anything it is the importance of facial hair in child rearing.
4. He’s barely out of puberty himself, thus allowing him to relate and empathize with his child’s developmental needs at a unique level.
3. He’s generous, and will no doubt be generous with his child. Generous with discipline, I mean.
2. With a wife named Zoe, there’s a good possibility he will be inspired to also pick a cool name for his child. Like Paddington. Or Zeus.
1. He’s a genuine, quality human being. They tend to make good parents. (From what I've seen. In my experience, I mean. Which, I'll be honest, is limited. So I could be totally off. It's probably 50/50, to be realistic.)

Congratulations Bryan!!

thanks man that's nice
... or Batman.
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