Tuesday, July 29

Top 5 Reasons Why I Don't Belong In the 21st Century

1) I hate electronics. Though I am a slave to my cellular phone, I despise it. I don't like television. Microwaves. Computers. Fluorescent lighting. The only thing I'd miss in the 14th century would be a stereo system where I could play my music.
2) Cars freak me out. And I'd much rather walk places. Or go by horseback.
3) There's nothing more abhorrent to me than the feel of concrete. Cold, rough... Who can run around barefoot these days? I want to feel the earth respond to my footsteps, to sink slightly under my weight -- to leave a print, a proof of my passage.
4) I want to wear dresses. All the time. Country-style. Not those flimsy, scanty summer dresses that are being sold everywhere right now.
5) I get so easily overwhelmed with stuff. How does it all add up so fast? Simplicity seems almost as unattainable as holiness.

I just want to smell fresh, flower-sweetened air again. This city can drag me down sometimes.

I think as much as we all love the 21st century, we all in one form or another know there is an easyer way to enjoy this life we have ben given (I live in a town with no cell phones, no street lights, no sidewalks, and you almost always leave a foot print in the mud, and hope you don't fall and leave more than that)
Cars freak me out too. I almost got in two different accidents yesterday within 5 minutes of eachother, all because people are retarded drivers.

One guy turned right at an intersection - FROM THE LEFT LANE!
hmmm...electronics, cars, concrete and dresses i can not help with but as for air - go to ontario and then come back - you will appreciate it much much more.
Or drive up to Manning Park for the day sometime. Then drive a little further to the Alpine Meadows up the mountain opposite the highway to the Lodge. All your 14th century dreams will come true, if only for a moment.
Manning Park? Is that in North Van or something? Sounds worthwhile...

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