Friday, July 11

Top 5 Weevils

1. Wheat Weevil - eats grains and flour. Can be a household pest.
2. Boll Weevil - eats cotton plants. Can be a plantation pest.
3. Pine Weevil - eats pine, fir, and birch trees. Can be a forest pest.
4. Acorn Weevil - eats the insides of acorns. Can annoy most squirrels.
5. =with a bullet= Black Vine Weevil - eats leaves. Can be a garden pest. Can also relocate inside to basement suites during hot, dry weather, forcing the family inside to constantly find and kill them. They are harmless inside, but annoying.

Confirmed Weevil kill count (Since last Thursday): 22

seriously, everyone should click the picture of the weevil to see them in all their detailed glory!
Dan, given a larger weevil and a smaller weevil, would you always choose the lesser of two weevils?
Rob, I stand and I applaud you.

That was amazing.
Yes, captain Jack Aubrey would be proud.

And for the record: Yes Rob, I would.
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