Wednesday, July 16

Top5 Albums On My iPod This Month At Work

5. Coldplay - Viva La Vida
Punchy, energetic, rhythmically diverse, and structurally arresting. A good toe-tapper.

4. Sigur Ros - Med Sud I Eyrum Vid Spilum Endalaust
Primal, angelic, raw and beautiful. Scrumptraulescent, I believe, is the correct word to describe this work.

3. Bonny "Prince" Billy & Matt Sweeney - Superwolf
Reflective, bittersweet, and achingly melodic ( This always make me stop what I'm doing to take a deep breath and consider how suprising life can be.

2. Hayden - Field & Town
Gently amusing and with an unceasingly subtle optimism so different from his early work, I always smile and marvel at the inventiveness found here.

1. Bon Iver - For Emma, Forever Ago
Buy it, find it, steal it, whatever you have to do, just get it and listen to it, as Jian Ghomeshi might say. There's a reason this is first on the list.

Honourable mentions: Portishead's Third, Abbatoir Blues by Nick Cave, Ojos Negros with Dino Saluzzi & Anja Lechner, and, of course, The National's Boxer, always the perfect album for 6am.

Yay! No more weevils! And Dan, I love that you got the weevil thing. You complete me.
I concur with 5, 4, and 1 (and the other two I've never heard of so I'm dismissing them outright).

Not that my concurring with them really makes any difference, or any sense for that matter. If you think they're the top 5 on your iPod, how could I agree? That'd be like you saying, "I love my bed." And me saying, "Yes you do." Although in this case it would be more like, "I like 5 of my pillows." And me saying, "No, only 3 of them."

That just wouldn't make sense at all.
i like Bonny "Prince" Billy (and Matt Sweeney). that is all i have to say for now.
I actually only liked about 3 of Rob's 5 pillows when we were roommates. the others were too thin.
I have something else to say now. I used to be a huge Moxy Fruvous fan. I owned all of their CDs, and went to as many concerts as I could. I was a little sad when they stopped playing together. I still really like their music.

Thanks for reminding me Rob.
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