Tuesday, July 1

Top 5 Songs from Coldplay's "Vive La Vida" Album

Okay, so i don't usually go on Stopfive to rave about albums - or maybe I do. That's a matter for Stopfive historian to look into. Which is me - but I'm absolutely loving the new Coldplay album. While this may draw some ire (and probably mocking response posts) from some of my fellow contributors (Dan!), here is just 5 of my favourites from an album that is incredibly solid from top to bottom.

1. Life in Technicolor - Fantastic opening song. Builds from nothing, totally instrumental, and a really uplifting start to the album.

2. Lost! - This is where their partnership with Brian Eno really becomes noticable. Great production for a great arrangement - love the handclapping and the guitar work. What a well written song too!

3. Lovers in Japan/Reign of Love - Anyone who knows me will know why I love this song in one listen - the piano. A fast paced piano song followed by a beautiful piano ballad. The tone on the piano is really interesting too.

4. Vive la Vida - I always complain to Tara about bad string arrangements in music (especially Christian music) so it's nice to hear a band like Colplay do a completely string-driven song and do it so masterfully. Such a catchy song with great lyrical storytelling. This song wll be in a movie soon. It may already be in a movie. Moey? Is it?

5. =With a bullet=Death and all His Friends - This song really sums up the album to me. A lot of the songs seem to have different movements to them, and this song is no exception. Starts off slow, moves to a great instrumental break, and finishes with - get this - an anthemic 7/4 section! I love it. And then, there's a sort of reprise of Life in Technicolor" at the end of the track. Just such a great track on a well constructed album.

It is a pretty good album. It grew on me with listens. It sounds quite a bit different from their other CD's, which is probably a good thing.

Lost and Lovers In Japan are the two songs I really liked. There was another but I can't remember what it was called. I'll have to listen again.
Oh yeah, it's called 'Yes'. It has those cool violins? I like violins. They make me happy. Except when they play sad music. Then they make me sad.
Yeah, "Yes" is a great song too. It's another one of the songs with two distinct movements too. Weird, but cool!
As said above, and honorable mention does go out to "Yes".

And I consistently feel that "Cemeteries of London" is unappreciated. It is the perfect second track.
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