Friday, July 11

Top 5 Reasons For Writing This Post

1. To encourage others to post, thereby breathing some life into Stop Five
2. I miss you guys
3. It makes more sense than dancing this post...
4. So I don't have to see those weevils every time I come to this site
5. *with a bullet* Seriously, so I don't have to see those weevils every time I come to this site

I even had to add this extra line to push the weevils down further. Bleck.

I do really miss you all. I'm still very much behind some sort of group gathering this summer. Weekends are good for me.

Heehee, I can take the picture off if you like. I just thought I'd add the visual so people could see what Tara finds around our house like 4 times a day.

Also, I agree with hanging out, although my window of availability is shrinking.

Also, good ob encouraging other people to post. I can't believe we went 10 days without posts. That may be a record. I'll look in to that.
hehehe .... it's fine to leave the picture if you want ... i enjoyed your post, even with the pictures, i just didn't want to see them all the time...

poor Tara!! that sucks! I would hate to find those everyday. shudder.
I always thought the site was missing some Weevils.
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