Friday, July 25

Top 5 Artists I'm Listening To These Days

1. Jeremy Fisher
2. Hawksley Workman
3. Micah Wolf
4. Corwin Fox
5. G. Love (sometimes with Special Sauce)

Honorable mention to Wintersleep, which very nearly made the cut. I actually added up the plays on my itunes, and it looks like G. Love came out ahead.

A special thanks to Holly-Anne for introducing me to Jeremy and Corwin.

I always feel bad for painters, sculptors, dancers, etc. No one ever listens to them.

Only those damned musicians.
Sorry Kyle. You are wrong (I originally wrote wong and considered leaving it). I watch So You Think You Can Dance all the time. You know that.
I've only heard "scar that never heals" by Jeremy Fisher. I'll have to check out some more.
for sure Dan ... Scar That Never Heals is a good song, but there are so many good ones by him!

and Kyle, I've spent years listening to non-musical artists. I'm now giving the musicians the attention they deserve...
I think Kyle needs to be considered as the Stop Five resident Smart Aleck.

anyone second it?
i'll second that
Yeah, lets open up a big can of Shut Up on that guy.

Hehe, that'll teach him . . .
After looking into the etymology and definition, I rescind my second of the motion. I believe Kyle to be a generally funny quipper, rather than a "smart aleck":

smart aleck - noun (Wordnet)

an upstart who makes conceited, sardonic, insolent comments [syn: wise guy]

smart alĀ·eck - noun (American Heritage Dictionary)

1. A person regarded as obnoxiously self-assertive.
2. An impudent person.

[Perhaps after Aleck Hoag, 19th-century American confidence man and thief.]

smart aleck - noun (

1. an obnoxiously conceited person.
2. a wise guy.
okay, okay, Kyle is not an obnoxiously conceited person. At least not in my interactions with him. Maybe Josh has something to say about that?

HOWEVER! Kyle definitely is a wise guy! Kyle is the wisest of all wise guys!
Oooh, burn.
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