Sunday, June 29

Top 5 States I've Visited for the First Time in the Last Year


1. California - Yay for work trips to Hollywood and Disneyland!!
2. Oregon - for Allie's champagne birthday we went to Astoria to check out where the Goonie's spent their time - also stayed in a Yurt in Washington (Cape Disappointment)
3. Hawaii - with Holly-Anne, her mom, and her step-dad - oh man, i LOVE Hawaii - i will live there. mark my words.
4. Nevada - VEGAS, BABY! YEAH! turned 30 in Vegas! Sara-Lynn and Allie were there to mark the occasion. fun! and crazy! and fun!
5. Arizona - Route 66 loop, Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam - tourist day, but glad i saw it! the Grand Canyon is stunning - indescribably - un-photograph-able

before last August my US travel had been limited to a couple of hours in Washington. now you know.

That is a fantastic top 5 list! Hppy birthday Moe! Glad you had a good Vegas Vacation.
thanks Dan!!
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