Saturday, June 7

Top 5 Eventful Events of This Last Week

1. I had a surprise welcome home party thrown for me the other night. I was actually surprised. I usually see these things coming. Wow. Good times.

2. I decided to make my life just that much more H-core and move into the Downtown Eastside community. I will be moving in the next couple of days.

3. I got my lip pierced. On the left side. Because I lost at rock-paper-scissors against Brenda (current roommate). It was best out of three. I won, she won, then she won again. It was probably the most intense game of rock-paper-scissors I have ever played.

4. I took out my lip piercing. The next day. It became very clear (very quickly) that it had created a huge stumbling block for my earthly father in our relationship. Not worth it.

5. My baby brother graduated high school!!! Awwww Sammypookins. I love him.

Honourable mention: I'm on a waiting list for nursing school. Huzzah!

That's all pretty darn exciting. Especially the downtown eastside part.
very cool, where will you live?
why was it a stumbling block?
my friend once got his eyebrow pierced and his mom cried all the time... after a week he took it out.
I'll be living a block away from Main and East Hastings. On Main. It's a Salvation Army dorm for Christian young adults that are wanting to minister in the eastside. They're not even requiring that I become involved in their own program. I'm STOKED. They all seem like pretty awesome people.

Holly: He just got so angry. We weren't even able to have a casual conversation. He just kept saying, "I can't believe what you've done to your face!" So I said, "You know what? You're being immature. I'm not making a statement, so I'll just take it out for you. I lost at rock-paper-scissors for crying out loud." Pause. "There."

At least he didn't cry...
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