Wednesday, June 25

Top 5 Experiences of Geoff & Naomi's Wedding

5. Seeing the Kang’s, the Conci, the Moody’s, the Parson, the Gieselman’s, the Hawkins’, the Luff’s, the Quigley, and 150 people I’ve never met.
4. Being witness to a group of sober white people, some over the age of 50, dancing for a few hours straight. Well done, Rob. Not even Michael Jackson in his prime could have pulled that off.
3. Watching Geoff and Naomi down a couple shots of alcohol -- and then smash the glasses -- at the entrance to the church in front of his former congregation. Take that, Puritan Sensibilities!
2. Wearing Chuck Taylors all day.
1. Seeing Geoff and Naomi get married. (My boy is all grown up. Sniff, sniff.)

I didn't realize Geoff was Jewish. Or a redneck.
Congrats Geoff!!!

and THANKS for the list, the Stewart ... much appreciated!

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