Sunday, June 8

Top 5 Something Something

1. Kyle and I live together. It's been really good. I think. Kyle's opinion may differ.
2. Some of you may remember the place that Rob and Dan shared, then Dan and I shared. One of the characteristics of said place was that there were no drawers, only cupboards. We have the exact opposite problem here, no hanging cabinets, only drawers and floor level cupboards. When we came to look at the place neither of us noticed. To be honest, I don't think we noticed until a few hours after moving in. The Landlord said he was going to put some up (we think).
3. The Landlord says he is in construction (we're assuming, sometimes it is hard to understand him past the thick accent, for all we know he could have said he was an obstetrician or an obstruction), but if he is (view obstetrician reference), he might possibly be the most cockeyed builder in the county. None of our floor level cabinets or drawers are really aligned in any sort of fashion. It's kind of like lazy-eyed Larry was the guy doing the work in here.
4. I don't think the Landlord understands that I work all night and I sleep all day. He seems quite persistent in his desire to strip screws with his drill during my sleep time. I'm just going to throw this out there, but I think he maybe didn't understand us when we told him we were moving in at the end of the month. He must have assumed we meant a different month.
5. I am now accepting applications for the position of Mrs. Otto. You can forward all applications and letters of reference to my secretary. Who happens to be me. Okay, so I'm also accepting applications for a personal secretary. Unpaid. All hours worked could go towards an internship credit of some sort. "Could" being the key word there. I make no promises. Actually, I will make one promise, I guarantee hours worked will not go towards an internship. It's actually be more like a servant position, a "slave" if you really want to put a label on things.

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