Wednesday, June 18

Top 5 Moments from our Okanagan Trip

Tara and I had a great tour of the Okanagan. The weather was great. The services and preaching were really fun. We had a blast! These are just a few of many memories.

1. Consistently bad restaurant experiences in Kelowna. Seriously, we could not catch a break. Bad service, cold food, no bathrooms in Pita Pit, Kelowna had it all!

2. Kitties! The Morneau's have 3 four week old kittens. They were the cutest ever! They would climb up your pants like they were rock climbing or something.

3. Dan and I stayed up until 3 am. That really threw off my internal clock, but it was fun.

4. Tara stole the Kangs' toothpaste. I discovered this and made sure we returned it. This led to us having a chat with Mr. and Mrs. Kang Sr. What fun!

5. Hanging out with 4 three year olds in Vernon (Mrs. Kempner does daycare). We watched the ninja turtles destroy Shredder. Then (by request) I rewinded it and we watched it again. What fun!

Honourable mention: Watching "Deadliest Catch" with Rob and Mike. It grossed Tara out, but I thought it was a great show!

No mention of the night in jail for public mischief and indecent exposure? Huh. I thought for sure that'd make at least the top 5...
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