Monday, June 2

Top 5 Rules of Time Travel (According to the Back to the Future Trilogy)

1. The space-time continuum is not to be trifled with in any way.

2. In the case of experimental or inaugural time travel, the space-time continuum may be tampered with, providing that the survival of the travellers themselves is in question, and that the consequences to the future prove beneficial.

3. Due to the parallel sequencing of events associated with time travel, the person of the present is not to meet with his/her future or past self. Doing so could result in a disruption of the above mentioned space-time continuum, causing the universe to collapse on itself. Or it may just cause what doctors call a "light to no coma."

4. Should the future be in any way altered by a rogue time traveller's trip to the past, the rightful time travellers should presently return to the past in order to avert any skewing of the timeline into an alternate future. Of course in such a case, rule #3 should be well observed.

5. The time traveller should always carry a photograph or document from the future on his/her person in order to keep well informed of any changes to the space-time continuum that may occur. Although changes are not encouraged (see rule #1), they may be inevitable, and the time traveller would do well to take careful note of them.

Wow, I just about made a huge mistake.

You really saved me, Dan. I thank you. My great great grandfather thanks you. My great great grandchildren thank you.
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