Friday, October 5

Top 5 bicycles I have ever owned.

1. A fixed gear BMX - no handle bar breaks, nope it had back breaks, which were used when you pushed your feet in a backwards motion on the pedals.

2. My first REAL BMX, it was a total Kuwahara bmx knock off. I loved that bike, i even wanted to put a milk crate on the front a recreate Elliot and ET moments. Perhaps even a flying silhouette across the moon?

3. The NightHawk - aka - the LeadHawk - This was hands down the worst Mountain bike I have ever owned. I begged my dad for a mountain bike, and he gave me a 200 dollar limit. All i could afford was a Sears mountain bike, thus my purchase being the "NightHAWK". This was the heaviest mountain bike i have ever seen. In fact i was convinced the tubes were not hollow, but rather solid, and FILLED WITH LEAD!

4. Brodie Energy - This is a bike often referred to as a Hybrid. it looks like a hardtail mountain bike, except that it doesn't have shocks. These bikes are great for commuting, cause they are a lot faster than mountain bikes. It's outfitted with disc brakes, full fenders and a rack with a set of panniers. This bike is fantastic, but I will be selling it because I have just received my new bicycle, which is one of two reasons for this post. (The other reason is that, I don't think there is a Top 5 list about bicycles)

5. 2006 Kona "Jake the Snake" - This bike is pretty much the greatest thing I have ever seen! dropped handlebars, carbon fork, Easton Frame, Shimano 105's, oh and did i mention is NEON GREEN?

here's a photo of my new prized possession.

how much for your old bike?
yes, how much?
The things you learn about people on here. It's amazing. I always took your for a classic roller-skater (disco ball optional).
the old bike... prices... i would say around 600 bones. i'm taking a loss, but that's still way cheaper than buying a new one.
why are you trading down from your beautiful brodie ladie?
That is a nice photo of an even nicer bike.
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