Thursday, October 11

Top 5 Reasons I feel Unprepared for my Impending Tour

1. My laptop doesn't have it's own keyboard. There was a juice spill - things got messy. So right now I'm using a desktop keyboard that's attached via USB port. I really don't want to lug it around all tour.

2. The PR materials I need aren't ready. They come in Friday, and will have to be shipped to whatever city I'll be in.

3. I haven't packed, and I don't think I have enough underwear and socks for 12 days.

4. Speaking of clothes, where am I going to get 12 nice shirts to wear for the actual events that happen each day?

5. I don't really know how I'm getting home on the 24th.

I'll talk to my people and see if we can't arrange for my private jet to pick you up. Just send me the details --when you're good to go, if you prefer lobster or steak dinner, etc--and we'll hammer out the details.

Oh! Wait! Did you say the 24th? Aw shoot. I'll be in Geneva. Sorry 'bout that.

(Hope you find a way though. Where there's a will, there's a ... oh heck, you know how goes.)
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