Tuesday, October 2

Top 2 Reasons the Ironing is Delicious

1. I used to poke lighthearted fun at a certain someone for being one of those crazy hippy trying-to-find-the-meaning-of-life-while-growing-a-sketchy-beard. Then I became one of those guys. Minus the sketchy beard.
2. I also used to poke lighthearted fun at the same certain someone for getting a degree, then using said degree to be a sandwich artist then a landscaper. Then I became a landscaper. Oh, and a sandwich artist.
3. I am becoming to much like somebody else. Which isn't bad, because someone else is a good guy. But seriously, Subway??
4. In an old basement suite the noise had to be done by 10-ish. In the new basement suite, the people above us are deaf.
5. I really have nothing else, and am not convinced numbers 3 and 4 are ironic.

Ironing as in your shirt
or Irony as in what you're talking about?
I don't think I have to explain myself.
Heehee, the ironing is indeed delicious. Man, things will work out. Perhaps you're lining yourself up to steal my job? I should watch my back.
I'm confused...
You're always confused.
did everyone else find it odd that it's a Top 2 list?

it just doesn't look right.... even if it was deliberate.
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