Sunday, October 21

Top 5 I Did Today (In Chronological Order)

1. Slept in
2. Went to my favourite tea shop, drank tea and worked on a story
3. Bought 'Beirut - The Flying Club Cup'
4. Walked (and danced) in the rain, listening to Mika sing 'Grace Kelly'
5. Watched 'Into The Wild' (ok technically at the time of writing I haven't watched it yet, but I'm going and am confident it will make the top 5)

Yeah Melissa! Beirut! I love that song 'Nantes'.

And yeah for sleeping in. Sleeping in is a good feeling. Because you're sleeping. And you're in.
Boo to into the wild
excuse me??!! did you just boo 'Into The Wild'?? for shame, holly. for shame. so so so so so so good!
into the wild right now, is my favorite movie of all time.

it may fade down the rankings, but for now it's a definite number 1!

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