Sunday, May 27

Top 5 Things Stop 5 Needs

1. A Mascot.
2. Pretty colours.
3. A Theme Song.
4. A Stop Five Membership Audition area.
5. Its own line of credit cards.

Ok, so if you have the answer to any of the above, post them. If you have ideas of your own, post them also. Or if you like the way things are, feel free to post that too. And if you think Bryan made a serious error in judgment, by all means, post that. But if you just really like sugary treats and want to tell people, there's really no need to post that.

I've tried making stopfive prettier. But Donkers always changed it on me!
Yeah, well Dan likes to steal candy from babies, so I wouldn't take it too personally.
Come on HA, just because you live in a pink house and wear pink clothes and drive a pink car doesn't mean your interbet websites should all be pink. And for the record, babies are idiots. They should learn how to protect their candy.
donkers you are an assface!
I would change little things after I would change it to crazy stuff. You never noticed, but the bar heading used to be orange. Now its gray. Sucka! It was all a distraction tactic. And you are an assface.
Wow, somebody pulled the assface out pretty quickly. Anyways, I'm working on the stopfive theme song. And, in fact, I do have an ass for a face.
How about a celebrity spokesperson? or a telethon? or action figures?
does anyone really want to see action figures of us?
Dude! I totally want to see a Donker's action figure.. Mostly human, mostly tool, part physics lesson! Super Donkers!
What's this about Bryan making an error in judgement?
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