Friday, May 25

Top 5 New Song Topics for the Summer

Wow, it's been entirely too long since I've even looked at this site. I apologize for my Blackwood-like disappearance. It shan't continue.

1. A song about the benefits of Global warming. I mean, everyone's freaking out here, but think about how warm and awesome our world could turn out to be. I think I'm going to call it "Christmas in July," or "July is Christmas now."

2. A song about being rude to robots. I think it's my right. Tara disagrees.

3. Still want to write that song about Communism. Mostly uninformed opinions from a smug capitalist perspective. "Quit Stalin and accept the facts" - something like that.

4. "Symbolism makes the world go 'round." Proven yet again at this year's Historymaker.

5. A song about good cheese perhaps. My love affair with good cheese.

July is Christmas now... I could see that being a big hit!

I don't get #4 though!

Quit Stalin... hahaha! genius...
Global warming is extremely underrated, especially in Canada. Just think of the benefits: shorter winters, longer summers, larger amounts of land in a temperate climate, better looking people, lollipops for everyone, and an end to taxation! Imagine a world where nobody ever bought winter tires or block heaters. Just imagine!
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